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State suspends city pharmacist’s license

August 16th, 2012 10:32 pm by Becky Campbell

State suspends city pharmacist’s license

A Johnson City pharmacist’s license was suspended indefinitely by the Tennessee Department of Health because of a drug or alcohol addiction, according to a news release issued this week.
T. Patrick Rowan, who practiced at Boones Creek Pharmacy, signed an agreement to have his license suspended in May. That agreement was approved in July by officials from the health department and Board of Pharmacy for the state.
According to the agreement, Rowan admitted using alcohol or drugs and voluntarily entered a treatment center for chemical dependency.
There were no details about how the dependency was discovered or confirmation of Rowan working and dispensing medications while under the influence.
The agreement indicates Rowan’s conduct violated state law because he was “addicted to the use of alcohol, narcotics or other drugs, exhibited an incapacity of a nature that prevents a pharmacist from engaging in the practice of pharmacy with reasonable skill, confidence and safety to the public; guilty of dishonorable, immoral, unethical or unprofessional conduct,”
Another medical professional in Johnson City was disciplined by the department as well.
Dr. Michael N. Dube, who practiced on Broyles Drive, had his license revoked for at least one year for “unprofessional, dishonorable or unethical conduct; making false statements or representations; being guilty of fraud or deceit in obtaining admission to practice or being guilty of fraud or deceit in the practice of medicine” and being guilty of a crime, according to a state report.
Dube’s trouble began in 2007 when the Board of Medical Examiners determined he failed to properly document records for several patients. In addition to that, Dube prescribed medications for an employee who was also his fiancee.
In an agreed order signed in 2007, Dube’s license was placed on probation and he was ordered to complete several conditions to be fully reinstated.
But in 2009 Dube’s license was suspended after he relapsed and entered a drug treatment program. He then faced a 10-year probation on his license status.
In September, Dube pleaded guilty in federal court in Greeneville to failure to maintain records required by the controlled substance act and making a false statement to a federal agency.
The full reports on Rowan and Dube are available online at

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