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Husband pleads guilty in marijuana case; charges against teacher dismissed

July 3rd, 2012 11:21 am by Becky Campbell

Husband pleads guilty in marijuana case; charges against teacher dismissed

A Limestone man pleaded guilty Tuesday in a drug and weapons case that opens the door for his wife, also charged in the case, to return to teaching.
Jonathan B. Aloisio, 36, and Toni M. Aloisio, 36, 3661 State Route 34, Limestone, were charged last year with possession of schedule I, II and VI drugs for resale, aggravated child abuse/neglect/endangerment and maintaining a dwelling where controlled substances are used and sold.
In the plea agreement, Jonathan Aloisio pleaded guilty to possession of schedule II drugs for resale, possession of schedule VI drugs for resale, five counts of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and two counts of possession of a prohibited weapon.
The other charges were dismissed.
Aloisio will serve three six-month jail terms — one each year for the next three years — and 16 years on probation.
All charges against Toni Aloisio were dismissed, and Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood signed an order for expungement, meaning the court records on Toni Aloisio will be destroyed.
She resigned from her position as a teacher in the Washington County School System, shortly after being suspended when the charges were filed. Her last assignment in the system was as a pre-K teacher at Grandview Elementary School. The expungement will allow her to obtain teaching employment elsewhere because it clears her criminal history.
The two were arrested after a traffic stop in April 2011 that led Washington County sheriff’s investigators to their home.
Officers found an extensive indoor marijuana growing operation that included 285 plants, six pounds of processed marijuana, three ounces of cocaine and three-fourths pound of psychedelic mushrooms. Investigators said the street value of all the drugs was around $500,000.
The Aloisios were never indicted on the charges because their attorneys, Mark Slagle for Jonathan and Rick Spivey for Toni, worked out the disposition prior to a grand jury looking at the charges.
The plea also circumvented the case from being prosecuted in federal court, which would have assured a lengthy jail sentence for Jonathan Aloisio and possibly his wife as well.
Jonathan Aloisio will serve his jail time from Oct. 1 until April 1 for the next three years, beginning this year.

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