Pitching a challenge for Rotisserie Baseball

Douglas Fritz • Jul 10, 2013 at 8:47 PM

Pitching is a challenging part of the Rotisserie Baseball equation.Unlike head-to-head leagues — where every bad outing by a pitcher is erased at the end of the week — a 13-baserunner, nine-earned-runs outing stays with a Rotisserie team throughout the season. That's because stats build from the start of the season to the finish, and nothing gets erased.Therefore, there are some guys better left off of any fantasy roster — and it changes from year to year.This year, some pitchers who are highly owned are making things tough for their Rotisserie teams. At the head of that class is Toronto's R.A. Dickey.Four times this season, Dickey has looked like last year's Cy Young Award version — right before plummeting back into the abyss. After allowing one run in 12 innings with two wins, he was blasted for 14 runs over his next three starts.That was followed by three good outings and two more wins before he was crushed for 12 runs in two starts. Then it was 8 1/3 shutout innings, followed by a seven-run disaster. Another good game preceded a six-run bashing. Up next were two brilliant games and two wins before another six-run beating.So here's the Dickey snapshot: a losing record (8-9), high ERA (4.77) and perhaps worst of all after last year's 230-strikeout season, he has only 85 Ks in 122 innings.Dickey is the shining example of a DTTG (Don't Trust This Guy) pitcher. Following is a list of players who some Rotisserie teams will continue to trot out there, but they shouldn't. Some of these guys may do OK in the second half of the season, but the trust factor simply isn't there:1. R.A. Dickey, Toronto (see above).2. Tim Lincecum, San Francisco (if last year wasn't proof enough, this year's owners deserve every walk-filled, hit-riddled outing they get).3. Zack Greinke, Los Angeles Dodgers (great talent, but his mental makeup is shaky at best).4. Bartolo Colon, Oakland (he's 12-3 with an ERA of 2.69, but he's 40 years old and has never pitched this well. Both ERA and WHIP are career bests at this point. The wheels are going to come off soon).5. Yovani Gallardo, Milwaukee (his high walk totals are now complemented by few strikeouts. Yuck.)6. Ian Kennedy, Arizona (dude gave up 15 baserunners and 10 earned runs in four innings recently. He should be banned from fantasy baseball).7. Bronson Arroyo, Cincinnati (he has a decent ERA and good WHIP, but he's a seven-run bashing waiting to happen).8. Paul Maholm, Atlanta (he will get some wins, but he's just not very talented).9. Jeremy Hellickson, Tampa Bay (pitching great of late, but the ERA (4.67) and batting-average against (.256) tells a worrisome story).10. Tim Hudson, Atlanta (his best days are behind him).11. Homer Bailey, Cincinnati (yes he threw a no-hitter. And yes, he's much tougher to hit this year. But he gave up 7, 6, 4, and 4 earned runs in four of his last eight starts — including an ugly 13-baserunner effort in the start after his no-no).12. Kris Medlen, Atlanta (too many things have to be working right for this guy to dominate hitters. Last year was apparently a fluke).

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