Treadway’s 69 good for ET Amateur lead

Joe Avento • Jun 29, 2012 at 8:02 PM

ELIZABETHTON — Ben Treadway stayed patient on the golf course, and on a day where scoring was higher than usual at the Carter County Bank East Tennessee Amateur, that was good enough for the lead.

Treadway shot a three-under-par 69 Friday to grab a one-stroke advantage after the first round of the 18th annual tournament at Elizabethton Golf Course.

“I just tried to stay patient,” said Treadway, a former Milligan College golfer working on a master’s degree at ETSU. “It was so hot out there. I’ve been in Florida for the last seven days and it was like 70 degrees there.”

James Beckner, a 15-year-old from Kingsport, shot 70 on a course where he won a junior tournament two weeks ago.

Defending champion Carlson Cox shot 71 to join 2010 champ Nick York, Dane Voss, Chip Spratlin and Tory Davis at one under.

The 69 is one of the highest first-round leading scores in the recent history of the tournament.

“It’s a bit surprising,” Treadway said. “I think a bunch of guys will be hungry tomorrow. I won’t play any differently, just try to birdie the par-fives and the easy par-fours and avoid double bogeys. I just need to avoid stupid mistakes. I did that well today.”

Dwight Scott shot 72 to post the low senior score of the day. He overcame bogeys on the first two holes to play the final 16 holes in two under par. Bryan Rodgers of Knoxville was one shot back in the 50-54 division. Tim Dinwiddie and Jackie Elliott, in the 55-59 division also shot 73, as did Bob Ross, in the 60-and-over group.

The top 30 scores plus ties after today’s second round will make the cut and qualify for Sunday. There is no cut in the senior divisions.

York was three over par through four holes before he eagled the par-five fifth and made birdies at the sixth and seventh holes.

“They’ve got some tough pins and it was hard making the adjustment coming in here,” York said. “I figured firm and fast and it’s real soft. There’s a lot of golf left. Just a little practice this afternoon a little adjustment.”

Cox was four under par when he walked up to the 15th hole, a short, uphill par-four that wrecked a few scorecards on Friday. After his approach shot spun off the green and back down the fairway, he hit his next shot over the green. A chip back down the hill ran past the hole, off the green and back into the fairway. He eventually hit the green and two-putted for a triple-bogey 7.

“I just came off almost making an eagle,” Cox said. “I was kind of chugging along. I was in between clubs. A full sand wedge would have had a lot more spin. I choked down on a 52 and it still spun off.

“Other than that hole I think I played pretty good. We have two more days. Last year I only shot three under in the first round and I won.”

Cox made the putt of the day at the par-three 10th hole, sinking a 60-footer over a ridge for birdie.

“I was just trying to get it up next to the hole,” Cox said. “I didn’t even see it. I was walking when it went in. That was a bonus.”

Cameron Dugger and Robert Wilhelm Jr. both shot 72 as only nine players in the 60-player championship field broke or matched par.


Friday’s results

Carter County Bank East Tennessee Amateur

At Elizabethton Golf Course

Par 72

Championship Flight

Ben Treadway 69

James Beckner 70

Dane Voss 71

Chip Spratlin 71

Carlson Cox 71

Nick York 71

Tory Davis 71

Cameron Dugger 72

Robert Wilhelm Jr. 72

Rick Mays 73

McKeehanon Rue 73

Nick Kyte 73

Hunter O’Neal 73

Kenny Lawson 74

Chris Guy 74

Bobby Treadway 74

Bodie Bible 74

Joe Brooks 74

Cayman Ratliff 74

Darren Jernigan 74

Matt Bowers 74

Darrin Burchette 74

Jeremy Campbell 75

Jace DeVault 75

Blake Howard 75

Steve Pastorek 75

Taylor Gouge 76

Lucas Armstrong 76

Brad Burchette 76

Leif Ratliff 77

Tyler Lane 77

Michael Alread 77

Nick Cohen 77

Tyler Reynolds 78

Zac Breedlove 78

Brandon Worley 78

Ken Miller 78

Josh Taylor 78

Teddy Clawson 79

James Fender 80

Drew Poland 80

Todd Davis 80

Justin Hulbert 80

Tommy Miller 80

Dakota Norton 81

Justin Lyons 82

Colton Oaks 82

Billy Haren 82

Joseph Matherly 82

Kelly Lane 83

Zac Mullins 83

Doug Ramsey 83

Drew Mays 84

Kolby Evans 84

Jordan Persinger 84

Nick Poland 85

Jarod Van Sant 85

Les Craft 89

Troy Baker 89

Cameron Lane 90




Dwight Scott 72

Bryan Rodgers 73

Dave Bellessa 74

Eddie Bailey 76

Lyman Fulton 76

Tony Gouge 76

Jeff Andrews 78

Craig Stephenson 78

Joe Avento 82

Don Lester 82

Dean Johnson 92

Steve Wyatt 92

Julian Wood 94


Tim Dinwiddie 73

Jackie Elliott 73

Marc Runyan 75

Gary Hunigan 76

Danny Jones 76

Mike Poe 76

Mike Smith 76

Jimmy Whittenburg 79

Mike Emery 79

Greg Goulds 86


Bob Ross 73

Pat Kenney 74

James Norris 74

Willie Mathes 75

GaryDrinnon 76

Tom Foster 77

Billy Puckett 78

Steve Morton 79

Larry Greer 79

Charlie Johnson 81

Andy Bishop 82

Richard Ireson 84

Gary Isaacs85

Eddie Lewis 87

Jeff Taylor 87


Match play flights

Ping Flight

Wayne Ellis Jr. def. Jon Whitson

Willie Nichols def. Joel Younce

Chris Kasting def. Jeff Scott

Tim Moore def. Eric Hensley

TaylorMade Flight

Phil Stephenson def. Wendell White

Stephen Williams def. Glenn Wynne

Robert Wilhelm def. Mickey Anselmo

Paul Johnson def. Paul Murray

Callaway Flight

Mark Dugger def. Brian Meade

Jarrod Wooten def. Dustin Dugger

Jamie Shipley def. Rick Eggers

Ron Hensley def. Brian Foster

Titleist Flight

Mitch Nidiffer def. Brian Mock

Mitch Cabe def. Brian Scott

JR Clark def. Chad Napier

Casey Goetz def. Robert Browning

Bridgestone Flight

Larry Calhoun def. Shannon Johnson

Chris Tidwell def. Jason Taylor

David Sellers def. Tommy Scott

Phil Powell def. Richard Robinson



Match play

7:00 a.m. -- Brian Meade vs. Dustin Dugger

7:08 a.m. -- Rick Eggers vs.Brian Foster

7:16 a.m. -- Brian Mock vs. Brian Scott

7:24 a.m. -- Chad Napier vs. Robert Browning

7:32 a.m. -- Shannon Johnson vs. Jason Taylor

7:40 a.m. -- Tommy Scott vs. Richard Robinson

7:48 a.m. -- Jon Whitson vs. Joel Younce

7:56 a.m. -- Jeff Scott vs. Eric Hensley

8:04 a.m. -- Wendell White vs. Glen Wynne

8:12 a.m. -- Mickey Anselmo vs. Paul Murray

8:20 a.m. -- Mark Dugger vs. Jarrod Wooten

8:28 a.m. -- Jamie Shipley vs. Ron Hensley

8:36 a.m. -- Mitch Nidiffer vs. Mitch Cabe

8:44 a.m. -- JR Clark vs. Casey Goetz

8:52 a.m. -- Larry Calhoun vs. Chris Tidwell

9:00 a.m. -- David Sellers vs. Phil Powell

9:08 a.m. -- Wayne Ellis, Jr. vs. Willie Nichols

9:16 a.m. -- Chris Kasting vs. Tim Moore

9:24 a.m. -- Phil Stephenson vs. Stephen Williams

9:32 a.m. -- Robert Wilhelm vs. Paul Johnson


9:45 a.m. -- Steve Wyatt, Julian Wood

9:54 a.m. -- Eddie Lewis, Jeff Taylor, Dean Johnson

10:03 a.m. -- Gary Isaacs, Jackie Elliott, Greg Goulds

10:12 a.m. -- Joe Avento, Andy Bishop, Richard Ireson

10:21 a.m. -- Mike Emery, Charlie Johnson, Don Lester

10:30 a.m. -- Larry Greer, Steve Morton, Jimmy Whittenburg

10:39 a.m. -- Craig Stephenson, Bill Puckett, Jeff Andrews

10:48 a.m. -- Mike Smith, Mike Poe, Tom Foster

10:57 a.m. -- Eddie Bailey, Gary Hunigan, Danny Jones

11:06 a.m. -- Gary Drinnon, Lyman Fulton, Tony Gouge

11:15 a.m. -- Pat Kenney, Willie Mathes, Mark Runyan

11:24 a.m. -- Bob Ross, Dave Bellessa, James Norris

11:33 a.m. -- Dwight Scott, Tim Dinwiddie, Bryan Rodgers

Championship Flight

11:45 a.m. -- Les Craft, Troy Baker, Cameron Lane

11:54 a.m. -- Kolby Evans, Nick Poland, Jarrod VanSant

12:03 p.m. -- Doug Ramsey, Drew Mays, Jordon Persinger

12:12 p.m. -- Justin Lyons, Kelly Lane, Zac Mullins

12:21 p.m. -- Joseph Matherly, Billy Haren, Colton Oakes

12:30 p.m. -- Justin Hulbert, Todd Davis, Dakota Norton

12:39 p.m. -- James Fender, Tommy Miller, Drew Poland

12:48 p.m. -- Ken Miller, Josh Taylor, Teddy Clawson

12:57 p.m. -- Tyler Reynolds, Zac Breedlove, Brandon Worley

1:06 p.m. -- Michael Alread, Nick Cohen, Leif Ratliff

1:15 p.m. -- Lucas Armstrong, Brad Burchette, Tyler Lane

1:24 p.m. -- Jace Devault, Jeremy Campbell, Taylor Gouge

1:33 p.m. -- Darren Jernigan, Steve Pastorek, Blake Howard

1:42 p.m. -- Matt Bowers, Darrin Burchette, Bobby Treadway

1:51 p.m. -- Chris Guy, Bodie Bible, Cayman Ratliff

2:00 p.m. -- Hunter O'Neal, Kenny Lawson, Joe Brooks

2:09 p.m. -- McKeehanon Rue, Rick Mays, Nick Kyte

2:18 p.m. -- Chip Spratlin, Robert Wilhelm Jr., Cameron Dugger

2:27 p.m. -- Carlson Cox, Nick York, Dane Voss

2:36 p.m. -- Ben Treadway, James Beckner, Tory Davis

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