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Lower our rates

PEGGY ADAMS • Jun 6, 2014 at 9:02 AM

My feeling is that if Johnson City Power Board has extra dollars to “donate” to anything, then their customers are paying way too much for power. The Power Board has developed a new method of charging customers based on usage during certain hours, which in my opinion, targets people who work outside the home and families. They’re the ones up early, getting ready for work, feeding kids and doing all the things they have to do to get ready for the day and then, when they get home after work and school, those high rates apply again.Why is the Power Board even considering hiking the rates during certain hours if they have millions of dollars to give away under the pretext of promoting economic development? If they have that much money lying around and want to generate economic development, my suggestion is to cut the power rates they’re charging their customers. We’re the ones who could use the extra money.When I see companies give away money like this — all the while charging customers extra — it just infuriates me.PEGGY ADAMSJonesborough

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