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Saving our planet

MARION GROVER • Jun 6, 2014 at 9:03 AM

It is sad that a lady who has worked hard to preserve and protect our environment would be compared to Hitler, Lenin, Stalin and Mao in the Johnson City Press. Exaggerated, sensational language never adds anything to the conversation. Jennie Young has been the voice of reason in an area determined to deny reality and blindly believe politicians and cheerleaders for hate on channels often funded by wealthy polluters. Cancer rates have skyrocketed near streams and lakes that are polluted with chemicals from paper mills and mining operations. “Drill Baby Drill” sounds catchy, but one should ask people about their property value and land quality after fracking was introduced. Mountaintop removal is making some politicians wealthy, even as it disfigures God’s creation.Most other countries acknowledge climate change and are trying to slow it down. Last week, Germany announced they are now producing 74 percent of their electrical power from renewable sources. This is even more impressive when one considers that Germany averages less sunlight than the United States.Climate change is a fact. To deny this fact and ridicule those who are trying to warn us, is foolhardy. Human beings were created as stewards for the earth — not as lemmings incapable of human reasoning. If we destroy our environment, our environment will destroy us.MARION GROVERJohnson City

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