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We the People

CANDY CASEY • May 19, 2014 at 10:33 AM

I am so angry the way D.C. politics are running this country right into the ground. It’s like, politics first then the people second. Wrong. We are this country. The people of this country are basically good citizens who want a strong and productive country. We are allowing politics to take that away from us. I believe we need to make new rules for the person who is president of the United States. He needs to be strong, strict and abided by.I believe the president should not be allowed to pardon anyone. I don’t know where that rule came about anyway. The president should not be allowed to give clemency to anyone. The law is the law and the president does not know better than the justice system.The president should not be allowed to use a pen and a phone to change the law of the land or any rules he may not like. That is up to the people of this country. They do that through their representatives and senators — that is if they do their job for the people.I believe a president should have had some kind of military experience. How can a president be a commander-in-chief if they never had the experience of the soldier who fights for our freedoms. Military experience gives one more wisdom than one who has never worn a uniform.A president should have some kind of experience in business since running this country is the biggest business in this world (or it used to be).The people of this great country deserve to have a leader who has qualifications to make this country No. 1, to make this country productive, to make this country safe from foreign threats and to protect our most valued documents — the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Our founders had a darn good reason for doing what they did. We should respect and honor them. That is what made our country great.CANDY CASEY Erwin

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