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Climate liberalism

RANDY TAYLOR • May 19, 2014 at 10:35 AM

Jennie Young says if you can’t convince them (opponents to climate change) then deny them access to any media outlets. Hey, let’s put them in jail or worse. It worked for Hitler, Lenin, Stalin and Chairman Mao. This is liberalism at its worst. I am sure that I read somewhere that there is a constitutional right concerning free speech. God knows the liberals use it.I have some ideas on how to reduce the human effect on the climate. Everybody turn in your cars and buy bicycles. Shut down all coal-fired power plants and put up the nuclear version. A little radiation fallout cannot be as bad on the climate as my old Ford. Here is another idea that most liberals are bound to like. Let’s abort at least one of every two pregnancies to keep the population down. Fewer humans mean less climate change. Let’s build more wind turbines. I am sure them pesky old birds like the eagle won’t mind getting decapitated, especially since the turbines are capable of producing vast amounts of electricity.How can these so-called climate scientists tell us what the weather pattern was like thousands of years ago when half the time the next day’s weather forecast is wrong? Just like anything else I can take a slice out of recorded data (not hypothetical data) and prove anything I want to prove. All I have to do is determine the size of the slice.RANDY TAYLORJonesborough

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