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Weapons and power

CHARLES TRIFILETTI • May 8, 2014 at 8:45 AM

The nation of Ukraine and the state of Nevada have nothing in common, other than being featured subjects in the news this week. The major difference in the outcome of the similar events that affected people who live on opposite sides of the world is one thing: the presence of firearms in the hands of one group, but not the other. Twenty years ago, the Ukrainians made the terrible mistake of giving up their nuclear weapons and ceding the defense of their people to other nations. When Vladimir Putin sent the Russian military into Crimea and now eastern Ukraine, the citizens were helpless to defend themselves. The Russians simply walked in and took over, leaving death and damage to public buildings in their wake. The Obama administration could only offer a few lame sanctions in return.Results were quite different in Nevada. Obama deemed it necessary to send military force against an elderly rancher who owes some money to the federal government because his cattle “trespassed” on some worthless land he does not own. In spite of spending the United States into a debt of $17 trillion, Obama apparently believes that these unpaid fines were important enough to risk American lives.It was evidently quite a shock to the current president and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that hundreds of American citizens were ready, willing and able to defend the private property of a man they had not even met. Obama’s troops were forced to return the cattle that they had confiscated.At least at the present time, the Second Amendment to the Constitution is still alive and well. After this public capitulation though, there is no doubt that the administration will be ratcheting up another attack on the right of American citizens to bear arms. Totalitarians, after all, never do give up their quest for complete power.CHARLES TRIFILETTIJohnson City

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