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Donate to fire department

BILL GWALTNEY • May 19, 2014 at 10:29 AM

The West Carter County Volunteer Fire Department has begun mailing out our spring fundraising envelopes. The WCCVFD offers skilled service to the residents of our area with state-certified firefighters and professional equipment. Our dedicated firefighters train many hours per month and have saved tens of thousands of dollars in property and several lives during our 43 years. Twenty firefighters are certified as required by the state and 10 crew members are certified EMTs. The WCCVFD maintains an ISO rating of 7, which saves homeowners many dollars on their insurance premiums. Without our maintaining this rating, insurance costs would rise significantly. Our operational costs are rising. The cost now to train and outfit a firefighter with a pager, protective gear and an air pack is more than $8,000. We have reached the point that we must replace this aging equipment. Our Fire Hall roof will soon need replacing. We, therefore, urge every household and business in our area to increase their contributions. WCCVFD raises needed money only by mail appeal. We do not make phone, email or door-to-door solicitations. All donations are tax deductible. Our service is free of charge. No one in the WCCVFD is paid. Every penny we receive pays for utilities, maintenance and equipment. We ask each household and business to respond to our fundraising letter with a contribution no matter how small. No contribution is too small. Without these gifts this free service could not continue.BILL GWALTNEYPresidentWest Carter County Volunteer Fire Department

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