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Vote for Ford

LINDA WISE • May 5, 2014 at 10:56 AM

I am amused at the ads the current sheriff is running in which he is basically confirming what Craig Ford is saying in his ads. It seems the current sheriff wants us to believe he is the only one with the facts, so I would like to present a few of my own.Fact: The current sheriff has been quoted numerous times that he is tough on drug dealers. Yet according to a Johnson City Press article on June 11 and Federal Court documents, the current sheriff wrote a letter of support for Dr. William Kincaid who pleaded guilty to and received a two-year sentence and a $10,000 fine for receiving misbranded drugs. Kincaid served as the sheriff’s treasurer in his previous campaigns.Fact: At a Jan. 22 presentation, the current sheriff was quoted as saying that Deputy Gary Daugherty, who received injuries two years prior, was his hero — yet on June 10, when two of the defendants who ran over Daugherty were being sentenced, the current sheriff was sitting in support of his former campaign treasurer as a character witness in Federal Court. Both articles appeared in the Press on June 11.Fact: In his letter of support, the current sheriff stated that “Dr. Kincaid has suffered enough.” My husband was a patient of Kincaid’s and he died from his cancer. What would either of these men know about suffering?So there are some facts, all of which can be verified. Craig Ford will be a sheriff for all the citizens of Washington County. He has the experience and qualifications to be a great sheriff and is certainly the better choice in this election. Please join me in voting for Ford for sheriff of Washington County.LINDA WISEJonesborough

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