Don't wait: early voting ends today

Johnson City Press • May 1, 2014 at 8:45 AM

Today is the last day to vote early in Tuesday’s Republican Primary. If you haven’t already cast a vote, our question to you is: “What are you waiting for?”Certainly there are traditionalists who insist on voting on the actual Election Day. If you are one of them, we understand that Election Day is very special to you. You see it as a scared duty as a citizen of this great nation. Election Day is your Sabbath.Fair enough, but what about the rest of you who have not voted in this important election? As we’ve pointed out before, many of the county offices in Washington County will be decided in the Republican Primary.So what are you waiting for? Early voting was established in Tennessee to spare residents from standing in long lines at the polls on election day. It is just one of the many things the state General Assembly has done over the years to make voting easier and more convenient. Even so, there are many procrastinators who always have an excuse for not getting to the polls.There are, however, rarely good excuses for not voting.Washington County Election officials say early voting numbers this year appear to be similar to those for the 2010. That election saw 5,333 of a total 13,030 ballots cast during the early voting period.Such dismal turnout for a county election is no surprise. Typically, fewer voters go to the polls for a municipal or county election than they do for state and federal races.If you are a registered voter who hasn’t gone to the polls, we urge you to do so either today or on Tuesday. Your tax dollars are going to help pay the costs to hold these elections. Go get your money’s worth.

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