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DR. JOHN DANIEL • May 5, 2014 at 10:53 AM

I am writing in support of Craig Ford for sheriff. I have been a reserve deputy at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office for over seven years and left last July. I have seen and experienced the inner workings of the department and this administration first hand. Having served in other departments and been a full-time officer in the past with over 20 years in law enforcement, I have never seen a department in such need of leadership. Many times I have noted that decisions were made by line supervisors because no one else was around. It was like the department was running on auto pilot. There are many good people at that department who just want an equal chance to excel in their chosen field. Craig, who is also a father and minister, has consistently proven to be a compassionate, hard-working leader, but mainly he does the right thing no matter what he is associated with. He gives anything he becomes involved with 100 percent. Craig has been attacked personally and accused of negativity. He has only pointed out the incumbent’s record, which neither the incumbent nor his administration can defend.If the incumbent had such a strong record, then there would have been no reason for Craig to run. This has only been reinforced by the recent newspaper reports of two deputies not wearing their seat belts, speeding and driving under the influence. The sheriff supported Dr. William Kincaid. writing a character letter for a shorter sentence. The list goes on and on. Craig can and will restore trust and respect not only among the ranks, but out in the public. Vote for change — vote Craig Ford for sheriff.DR. JOHN DANIELGray

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