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Personal agendas

MARY GEARHART • May 5, 2014 at 10:55 AM

There was a recent advertising mailing to many town and county residents from a group called “Washington County Citizens for Better Government” — a real misnomer. It was the most negative and personally cruel ad I’ve seen and should be viewed by voters as an embarrassment to those who paid for it. Who are these people, and what is their real agenda? They are trying to leave us with conclusions that are not substantiated and shame on them for that. No one was “restrained” by a sheriff’s deputy. It reminds me of national election politics where faulty information is made very public to intimidate. We don’t need a “PAC” to drive our county election. This is possibly a drive for power down the line. How many of these “wannabe” candidates are millionaires or current or former corporate CEO powerbrokers? How many Johnson City candidates have recently moved to the county from the city, leaving them free from city taxes? Compare that with a current County Commissioner Gerald Sparks (a former Jonesborough alderman and mayor), who has lived in the same home in Jonesborough for 20 years, paying taxes to both town and county. He lives where his constituents live and work, and served them well for three terms. He has a professional lifetime of honest service to his community. Just who our town needs on the commission. Tell us who makes up this group, and what is really behind their agenda? Who would dare to tell residents to vote “NO” on a serving commissioner? Be careful, Mr. and Ms. Voter you’re being had. Make no mistake; this is a very, very important election. Make your opinion heard on May 6. Study the issues, ask questions, study the answers and make up your own minds. MARY GEARHART Jonesborough

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