Take care of the Earth and report litterbugs

Johnson City Press • Apr 22, 2014 at 8:44 AM

Today’s celebrations of Earth Day call attention to the need to conserve, recycle and protect the vital resources of our planet.East Tennessee State University will hold an Earth Day Festival today from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. in Borchuck Plaza, outside the Charles C. Sherrod Library. In case of rain, the activities will move into the Cave patio area of the Culp Center. In addition to activities and music, prizes will be awarded to winners of several campus contests.ETSU will also hold a “Campus Blackout” today by turning out the lights in offices, classrooms and residence halls to reduce fossil fuel use.Environmental activist and actress Park Overall will be on campus Wednesday to discuss “Regional Industries and Their Environmental Impact” at 6 p.m. in the Culp Center Forum Room. Earth Day is also a good time to tell people to keep the planet clean. It seems ridiculous to have to remind folks that it is wrong to litter, but if you notice the trash by the side of our roads, it appears to be necessary.Far too often, local tax dollars that should be going to fund schools, roads and other basic services are being used to pay to clean up discarded tires, old refrigerators and garbage dumped illegally in rural communities. It just shows how thoughtless and lazy a few of the residents of our area can be. Few of these illegal dumpers are ever punished for their contemptible behavior. The problem is catching litterbugs in the act. Law enforcement officials say they have neither the manpower nor the resources to patrol for littering violations. That’s why many communities are now installing hidden cameras in remote areas where illegal dumping occurs. You can also help by keeping an eye out for litterbugs. If you see someone tossing trash out a car window, take down their license plate number and call the proper authorities.

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