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Educate yourself

JOHN E. STEWART JR. • Apr 21, 2014 at 11:38 AM

With so many apparently seeking to change the County Commission and expressing opinions on the number of commissioners, health insurance and compensation, it is time for these citizens to get a first-hand understanding.Ask before your jump to a conclusion based on what you read or hear on the news from the media. Just what does the commission do and for that fact, what is the role of the county mayor? What is function of each individual commissioner? What is the actual cost of the health insurance? What is the actual budget for health insurance for all county employees? What is actual percentage of this is for the commissioners?How many commissioners are using the program? How many individuals? How many with spouse only? How many with a family plan? What impact will the Affordable Care Act have on the insurance plan and program? What is the actual compensation for each commissioner?How many hours does a commissioner spend doing the job and how many pages are typically in each month’s agenda? What would be the actual impact be on the county budget if we reduce the number of commissioners and hire employees to fulfill the tasks performed? Do we really want the power to concentrate in the hands of a few and surrender the representative legislature we have? What really is the cause of the disention in the commission we keep hearing about? Is it the commissioners or does it spring from the mayor?Seeking the answers? Attend monthly meetings and the committees that commissioners attend. Learn all the details they must learn and make the crucial and technical decisions they must make and then ask yourself if you would be willing to stand on the line as they must. The citizens may just see the facts in new light.JOHN E. STEWART JR.Telford

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