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New sheriff

DON REIMER • Apr 17, 2014 at 3:07 PM

In my opinion, it is time for a new sheriff of Washington County. I have known Craig Ford for years and will attest to his honesty, integrity, accessibility, knowledge, experience, belief in upholding the Constitution and the Second Amendment, leadership ability and Christian values. All of these qualities are mandatory for a sheriff to possess.I do not believe the current sheriff possesses these same qualities. In stark contrast, he is not accessible, will not return calls, has competed against my companies (private businesses) on a matter that he and his department admittedly had no experience in, is absent from the office the majority of the time and feels that there is nothing wrong with 28 percent (55 of 200) of his employees being related to each other. If the sheriff condones nepotism, and has no anti-nepotism policy, then how do qualified non-relatives get hired or promoted fairly?Ford will put the protection of people and property as a priority, not an inconvenience. He understands the importance of treating the victims of crime with the respect and follow-up that is necessary, instead of being unavailable.If you agree with any of these points, I ask you to vote Craig Ford in as sheriff of Washington County on May 6.DON REIMERJonesborough

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