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Staff Report • Apr 17, 2014 at 3:10 PM

When considering a candidate for political office, we look for the following qualities: Someone with integrity who isn’t afraid to tackle the hard issues. Someone who has extensive business experience, preferably at the executive level. Someone who is fiscally conservative where it matters, but has vision and the courage to work for positive change. Someone who fights for everyone, not just for the “haves,” but for the “have nots” as well. Someone who has close ties to the community and has demonstrated it through extensive and exemplary community service. Someone who can built accord in contentious situations. Someone who will “roll up the sleeves” and work until the job is done. Someone who doesn’t calculate and measure their actions by what they will achieve personally, but by the good that will come from them.It is rare to find a candidate with these qualities, but we know one, Tom Krieger, who is running for Washington County Commission in the 6th District, who possesses all of them. We know this first-hand from working with Tom on a number of his innumerable charitable and community projects in Washington County. We have seen them all displayed, through his already immeasurable contribution to this community. Tom Krieger will be a outstanding addition to the Washington County Commission.JOY and MICHAEL ADORANTEJohnson City

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