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County Commission

JIMMY HUDSON • Apr 7, 2014 at 9:27 AM

In today’s economy with all our problems, I feel the Washington County commissioners should not receive the benefits they approved for themselves.I went on a telephone rampage prior to a recent vote on this matter and one commissioner told me that he would not vote to end his benefits because he felt that he deserved to be compensated for all of his hard work. He went on to tell me all the things he does and felt he actually deserved more.I am sure this person knew what kind of work he would be doing if elected. Why would someone such as this run for a seat that requires all this hard work? I once attended a County Commission meeting and was shocked to see how it operates. One member was sleeping (actually sleeping) and I asked another commissioner to nudge him.I ask that all people living in Washington County take action to stop this non-functioning government and replace it with caring individuals. We do not need 25 commissioners to do this job.JIMMY HUDSONJohnson City

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