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Mill development

MARIANNE BRANNON • Feb 28, 2014 at 9:04 AM

As a frequent visitor to the downtown area, I am very much in favor of rezoning the General Mills property and tearing down the ugly eye sore that exists there now. I feel that this could only contribute to the growth of downtown and would certainly encourage others to open up businesses downtown. I have read articles in the Press that some people argue that the upscale apartments planned to be built in that location would be rented out room-by-room. I think this is a scare tactic and that very few apartments would be rented in this manner. There are apartments very close by, and I certainly don’t see them turning into room-by-room rental properties.I have walked by this location planned for rezoning, and I don’t feel safe. When I walk by the apartments located on the other side of State of Franklin Road, the sidewalks are quiet except for an occasional person walking their dog and I feel safe. I would feel much more comfortable with it being developed as proposed. This can only be a plus for Johnson City.MARIANNE BRANNONGray

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