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Haslam, Roe should support expanding Medicaid coverage

PATRICK MACMILLAN • Feb 28, 2014 at 9:04 AM

I have been a physician in East Tennessee since 2004. I watch honest, hard-working people struggle to make ends meet every day. I love my job and the patients I serve. The oath I have taken to “first do no harm” is sacred, and is moving me to publicly ask Gov. Bill Haslam and our congressman, Dr. Phil Roe, to support expanding Medicaid (TennCare) coverage in our state. I am proud to belong to the American College of Physicians who stand united in advocating that all Americans have access to health care. Haslam and Dr. Roe’s efforts to block Medicaid expansion in Tennessee are denying some of the poorest of our citizens access to health care.The federal tax dollars that Haslam is electing to decline are not his to keep from good hearted Volunteers of this state. Why should that money go to help others when it could be used right here in Tennessee? Please join me in supporting this vital effort to expand preventative health care to all Tennesseans.PATRICK MACMILLANJohnson City

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