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Wage increase

JUDY BOLYARD • Feb 28, 2014 at 9:05 AM

Forget the idea of raising the minimum wage being a partisan issue. The real issue here is, what does this do to the economy?Yes, to the recipient, it sounds like a big deal — raising people out of poverty to a better standard of living. But what happens to the cost of what you buy? The new minimum wage has to be built into the cost of every item you buy, so naturally the cost of your next hamburger or ice cream sundae will creep higher and higher. When the minimum wage reaches $20 an hour, we will still have the same problems. Nothing actually changes the standard of living for some people, especially if they have trouble managing their money, planning for the future or living within a stipulated budgetary amount. Though the minimum wage keeps rising, the standard of living doesn’t seem to change. The gap between the rich and the poor just seems to grow wider each year.Let’s quit trying to control what happens in private families and let people live as they choose. They are going to do that anyway, with or without a minimum wage increase, so why keep trying to raise the standard of living by raising the minimum wage?It just doesn’t work.JUDY BOLYARDJonesborough

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