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Free Snowden

HERB FREDERICKSON • Feb 17, 2014 at 9:59 AM

I believe Edward Snowden was torn in his decision to go forward with the National Security Agency information. It had to be a concern to him of how far the government could and would go if this practice was never challenged, but also informing the American people of what he felt they should know. Why did the tech companies call for greater control if they thought that the government was within its rights? Why did the government coerce the cell phone companies to reveal customer information. Seems like a communistic tactic. Also, what levels of the government were privy to this information? And lastly, did our congressmen know what was going on?I think that Snowden was brave in what he did and morally did it for us, the American people. I believe that his actions were based on what his conscience led him to feel. Weighing the facts between the government actions and how far they could and would go, versus the rights of the American people to know, he chose the American people. I don’t think that the government was entitled to go as far as they did, and Snowden shed light on the situation. Doesn’t the government get enough information from Internal Revenue Service, Social Security and other means? Snowden deserves clemency and the right to come back to America.HERB FREDERICKSONPiney Flats

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