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Affordable Care Act gives many people economical, better options

JIM BENELISHA • Feb 17, 2014 at 9:58 AM

In a recent newsletter from our representative in Congress, Dr. Phil Roe, he states: “The intent of the president’s health care law was to lower the cost of health care while expanding access. While these are goals we can all agree on, Obamacare fails to do either of those things.” Just because our representative makes a statement that doesn’t make it true. Several weeks ago in an email, I pointed out to Roe how the Affordable Care Act is working for people like me. He responded with a form letter. Hopefully he will respond to this letter publicly.For many years, I have paid for health insurance. When I signed up for the Affordable Care Act, I was pleasantly surprised to see my premium go down by $200, my deductible lowered from $5,000 to $0 and my total out-of-pocket expenses capped at $1,100. In addition, unlike before, I now have affordable doctor and prescription co-pays. I was not forced to give up my previous policy, but my new policy is still with the same company, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee. There were 13 policy choices, all with basically the same coverage, but varying combinations of premium, deductible and out-of-pocket expense.The Affordable Care Act makes quality health care truly affordable for millions of people who were previously denied, or could not afford it. I encourage everyone, regardless of your political views or preconceived ideas, to go through the simple process of finding out what you will qualify for. The website is http://healthcare.gov.JIM BENELISHAJohnson City

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