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Union wage hike

BOB PROBULIS • Feb 10, 2014 at 10:05 AM

One aspect of President Obama’s executive order is receiving no attention. The rising tide of federal labor costs does indeed raise all boats, especially union boats, and with it, our deficit. The price of almost all work done on a contractual basis for the federal government is union negotiated, and the wages of all of those contractors and their employees are paid a percentage corresponding to the minimum wage.This is a payoff to the unions who directly benefit from union member’s wages. A $2.85 increase will translate into untold billions in federal spending. That’s a $6,000 a year increase for all federal contractors across the board. I have to say that was a master’s play; with the mainstream media in your hip pocket, no “average Joe” will be the wiser when the bill becomes due. So, that systems analyst working on the Affordable Care Act website will see $112,000 in his check versus the $106,000 he was expected to live on before.The federal government doesn’t make money, it can only spend your money. I would like someone to argue that the president did not do this as a favor to his union lobbyists. The “Broken Window” theory has long been debunked, and those subscribing to Alinsky’s dogma should be outed.BOB PROBULISElizabethton

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