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Requiring script for OTC meds ill-advised

LEE DANIELS • Feb 10, 2014 at 10:04 AM

The recent guest commentary by Martin Kennedy (Jan. 29) regarding the proposal to require a doctor’s prescription to purchase over-the-counter allergy and cold medication was very informative. Indeed, it provided all the information necessary for lawmakers and law enforcement to drop this ill-advised idea. It would cost the state tens of millions of dollars. It would overwhelm doctors, insurance companies and pharmacists. It would punish innocent Tennesseans, forcing them to schedule doctor’s appointments, miss work and be less productive in their jobs. It would increase the cost of perfectly safe medication, as well as insurance. If there was evidence to suggest that this action would impact the meth problem, these burdens might be justifiable. However, as Kennedy points out, that is simply not the case. I applaud lawmakers and law enforcement for trying to find solutions to this scourge. There is, however, no magic bullet, and all this approach would do is make life more expensive and miserable for the innocent citizens of Tennessee who suffer from colds or allergies. I hope common sense and science will prevail.LEE DANIELSJohnson City

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