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Lavish spending

CANDY CASEY • Feb 7, 2014 at 9:08 AM

I have some suggestions that I think all of us Americans could agree on. We all know how those in Washington spend our money any way they want to. I would hate to see their expense reports each month, including the president’s. My suggestion is to give the president of the United States, along with Congress, a budget for their personal spending each year.I don’t think they should have their way with our money. If they spend their budgeted money before the year is up, then they have to pay for the rest of their personal enjoyment out of their own pockets. It is shameful that we Americans have to budget our money, making careful decisions on what we can afford or not while the politicians we elect spend our money like “drunken sailors” with no regard for usThe costly, ridiculous conferences, the parties, the haircuts and God only knows what else. Pay your own way. You work for us and we can’t afford your lavish spending. Let’s give them a tight budget to live on like us. That includes the president of the United States who flies his dog around the country on Air Force One to accommodate his schedule. Hundreds and thousands of dollars of our money going for this and much more. We have to put a stop to it.CANDY CASEY Erwin

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