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Where’s the logic?

TIM SIMPSON • Feb 7, 2014 at 9:10 AM

When is enough, enough? Back when alcohol was illegal it was still being sold, albeit illegally. So the answer was to legalize it and now people are being killed every day who may have never even touched a drink in their lives — such as kids crossing the road, a grandmother on her way home from a doctor’s appointment and so on.Even after realizing this fact there has been a move for years trying to legalize marijuana. I can see drug addicts driving around running over pedestrians on sidewalks with a marijuana cigarette in their hand, and why? Because people do not know when enough is enough. Take the lottery for instance. I voted against the lottery in Tennessee because I could foresee families going hungry because of parents’ gambling addictions. Humans do not know when to stop, so with the lottery in place, now the state has to offer counseling for gambling addictions. That’s when enough is really enough. The big topic now is gun control because of all of the shootings taking place around the country. Some think the answer is to take guns away. Now I ask you: Did this work during prohibition? You take guns away from good people, then you might as well turn around and give them to the bad ones because they will always find a way to get them — the same way they did during prohibition. Come on, am I the only one that sees the reality in these things? This is logic. When are we going to realize that enough is enough? TIM SIMPSONKingsport

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