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Tennessee voters elected these representatives

RANDY TAYLOR • Feb 5, 2014 at 9:01 AM

This letter is in response to Robert Houk’s column on Jan. 26. I could care less about what the American Civil Liberties Union is doing. As far as I am concerned, the ACLU is one of the reasons this country has declined into the morality mess we find it in today.If the state General Assembly was made up of a Democratic supermajority, would Houk and the ACLU have nothing but praise for lawmakers regardless of what they said or did? Tennessee voters elected these representatives. I guess the majority of voters in Tennessee are too ignorant to elect intelligent representatives. On the other hand, maybe the voters elected the representatives that reflect their views on how government should be operated. Apparently voters in Tennessee like a government that stays out of our personal life, our pocketbooks and know what is immoral regardless of the federal government’s laws and the ACLU.As for not taking Obamacare dollars, if I read it right two or three years down the road these Obamacare dollars will dry up as the Feds shift burden back to the states then what? The states that take these funds will be looking for a way to make up the shortfall by raising taxes or cutting the state budget. I wonder where folks think Obamacare dollars originate. They are taxes paid by folks who work every day for a living if they are lucky enough to have a job. I will say that I wince when I hear some of the outright silly phrases that come from some of these elected representatives, as well as their cocksure attitude about being the majority. Watch your words, gentlemen.RANDY TAYLORJonesborough

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