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Reality of ‘poor’

MARION GROVER • Jan 20, 2014 at 4:43 PM

One of our most compassionate and caring citizens in this area is Judy Garland. In his letter to Forum on Jan. 7, Robert Lewis stated that Garland is not looking at the “whole picture.” Is it possible that Lewis himself fails to see reality?He writes that he becomes teary remembering when the poor could obtain help from relatives, neighbors, friends, coworkers, churches, charitable organizations and the community. Garland sees that the percentage of poor is increasing dramatically while the middle class declines. The poor, many of whom are now called the “working poor,” are hardly able to help themselves, much less one another.Southern states where the governors fight against the Affordable Care Act are in the greatest need with higher numbers of poor. Legislators seem more concerned with their own re-election, prosperity and well being. Apathy increases as we fail to see the invisible poor who surround us. We need more Judy Garlands.MARION GROVERJohnson City

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