Will you make a 2014 New Year’s resolution?

Johnson City Press • Jan 3, 2014 at 9:16 AM

Do you plan to make a New Year’s resolution in the coming days? Before you do, you might want to consider how successful you have been in keeping past resolutions.The new year brings a host of resolutions, many of which are the same ones that we were unable to achieve last year. Researchers say most New Year’s resolutions are destined to end in failure. One of the most popular (and by far the most difficult) of these unkept resolutions is to lose weight.In fact, one study found that 80 percent of such overly ambitious weight-loss resolutions are doomed to fail. That’s because they are often constructed on unrealistic goals — such as dropping 50 pounds in two months. That doesn’t mean, however, you should give up on becoming more fit and healthier in the new year.If you are serious about losing weight in 2014, the first thing you need to accept is there is no miracle pill that will help you to lose weight quickly and safely.As we’ve noted in this space many times before, fitness experts say the key is to be able to keep that weight off safely for years to come. That requires making better lifestyle choices, such as eating healthier and engaging in walking or some other form of regular exercise. It’s important to have realistic goals and follow a proper regiment of diet and exercise. Remember you didn’t put on all that weight overnight and you won’t take it all off overnight either. Do you plan to make a New Year’s resolution this year? If so, we want to hear from you. Tell us how you plan to go about it in 2014.Send your comments to Mailbag, P.O. Box 1717, Johnson City, TN 37605-1717, or mailbag@johnsoncitypress.com. Please include your name, telephone number and address for verification. We will print your responses soon.

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