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Bring in fans for ETSU basketball

HELEN SAVANT • Jan 6, 2014 at 4:22 PM

I would like to make a recommendation regarding attendance at the East Tennessee State University basketball games. My husband and I were sitting at the game on a recent night, which had a very small crowd. I was telling my husband how one of the women that I work with has a daughter enrolled as a freshman at ETSU. This girl went to a game with some of her friends, who were still in high school, and that the cost of a ticket was $10. Her friends could not afford to attend the game.I have a few ideas to improve attendance at these games. There should be free admission to all high school basketball teams in the Tri-Cities. Players should wear their team colors and have their fans sit in the same areas and introduce the teams at half time. We have so many empty seats now, and this would be a great way to fill them.Yes, we have people and companies who purchase season seats, however, no one is sitting in them. When people buy seats in the nosebleed section, ask them to move down to the floor seats and pull the fans into the game. The university should also sell the seats in the end sections that the students currently are not filling.Why not offer seats closer to the floor and spread the fans over a larger area? This would bring everyone closer to the floor and give the team a close fan base to cheer them on. What do you think?HELEN SAVANTJonesborough

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