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People have right to protect themselves — anywhere

TERRY DIXON • Jan 6, 2014 at 4:25 PM

I read with interest the recent article on guns in parks. Johnson City rates 8 out of 100 — 100 being lowest and 1 being the highest — by Neighborhoodscout.com for safety. So 92 percent of all cities are safer than Johnson City. Crime can hit anywhere at any time, more so in gun-free zones. That is why you don’t see mass shootings at a police station. I will bet when the City Commission holds meetings the police are present. Why is that? Why is the police station behind bulletproof glass? Then you have to take into consideration other threats like dogs. In 2005, my wife was attacked by three large dogs in our front yard. I had to use a handgun to kill one. I did not have time to call 911 and no policemen were driving by. What is a citizen to do?To get a handgun permit, you need eight hours of training and a background check. The people who do this are honest citizens the mayor does not trust. A sign at the park or any place else will not stop a bad guy — it just tells them that the people in the park are unarmed and easy targets. People have a right and duty to protect themselves and their loved ones when the government can’t or won’t.TERRY DIXONJohnson City

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