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Dennis Prager’s column borders on insanity

TOM MOZEN • Dec 16, 2013 at 10:20 AM

My interest in your paper centers around its editorial content. I have often remarked that you attempt to present both sides to a topic. In doing so we may be offered a chance to form a balanced opinion. I have in the past thought that it takes an extreme opinion that when weighed against an opposing view, results in an acceptable solution. Such leads to compromise, which is a rare commodity these days.This brings me to a recent column by Dennis Prager under the headline, “Midas touch and liberal touch.” Admittedly, I lean toward a “progressive” (or liberal) thought process, but even so I do feel that the other side should be heard. Prager’s column, however, is blasphemy toward logic, if not sanity. Is he any kin to Rush Limbaugh? He opens mouth and inserts foot. Why not replace him with someone willing to engage in a thoughtful conversation?TOM MOZENJohnson City

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