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Tennessee voters should decide on marijuana legalization

JARED WORTH • Dec 11, 2013 at 8:59 AM

I am a student of Middle Tennessee State University. I think that the issue of marijuana legalization should be left up to the voters to decide. I think the current laws are outdated and it is our government’s responsibility to decide with a public vote. I have seen too many friends and fellow citizens have their lives ruined just from simple possession (a nonviolent crime) alone. I see no reason why someone deserves to be locked up in the same place as someone who has either raped, murdered, assaulted or wronged another, simply because I don’t believe marijuana is wrong. I’ve also learned that Tennessee has some of the worst prescription-painkiller abuse in the country. I personally see marijuana as the key to hopefully reducing this statistic. JARED WORTHMurfreesboro

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