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Elite football programs

MARK PONDER • Dec 9, 2013 at 1:35 PM

To follow up on Press sports writer Douglas Fritz’s column on Nov. 17 under the headline, “’Toppers still far from elite,” no football program — not just Science Hill High School — will ever be elite without starting up front with a good offense or defensive line. Even with the best skill players, if they don’t have holes to run through or time to drop back to pass while receivers run routes, your offense will never be consistent or be able to control the flow of a game.The opposite works for the defensive front. If it can’t close the holes or rush the passer, the receivers will always have their way with the defensive backs and be wide open. And lastly, why have 75-plus players on the sideline when you only play 30 or so players? Those dual-role players have to be gassed by mid third quarter or sooner. So why play tired, potentially worn-out players by fielding a less than quality team? Especially when there has to be fresher players standing on the sideline that possibly needs to be better coached or maybe just given a chance.MARK PONDERJohnson City

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