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Libertarians need to vote Republican

Staff Report • Nov 21, 2013 at 8:45 AM

It is time for libertarians (I am one myself) to come to grips with reality. At least for the time being, we are going to be governed by someone other than a like-minded individual — a Republican or a Democrat. The Virginia governor’s race is an example of cutting off your nose to spite your face. The results were Terry McAuliffe with 48 percent, Ken Cuccinelli with 45 percent and Robert Sarvis with 7 percent, so we wind up with a Democrat as the governor. Anyone familiar with mathematics can see that Sarvis could have swung the election to the Republican candidate, Cuccinelli.The election results show an overwhelming advantage for McAuliffe in the areas near Washington, D.C. The reason is pretty obvious. Government employees want to keep people in office that believe in big government, thereby creating job security and advancement opportunities for themselves, so they vote for Democrats. Conservatives, both libertarians and Republicans are fighting an uphill battle against voters who receive benefits from the government (free stuff) and the government who supplies the free stuff.There is only one way to break this downward spiral and that is to vote as a bloc against the destruction of our great country by the liberal left. Yes, we still must fight to have our voice heard within the conservative establishment and we must fight for our principles, but when the time comes to pull the lever in the voting booth we must face reality. If we don’t, conservatives will never win another election.Think before you vote.JONATHAN LINKJohnson City

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