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How did you spend your childhood?

Staff Report • Nov 11, 2013 at 10:49 AM

“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”I want you to consider your childhood as a history lesson, unedited by someone with a political agenda. Were you raised in a “core” family, or by a babysitter or after school program? Did you learn the results of accountability and responsibility by doing chores and helping your parents maintain your home?Do you remember a daily family meal in your home with prayer and talk of the coming day, or a summary of your accomplishments or challenges of the day? Did you have animal friends who depended on you for food, water and love? Or, did you have an electronic something that consumed 20-40 percent or more of your productive time?Was the morning background noise TV or radio? Did you walk in your neighborhood without warnings of “Don’t talk to strangers,” or “Be home by supper time?” Did you go hunting or fishing unsupervised before your 14th birthday?Did you pray in school? Who and what are the founding fathers? Did you memorize the preamble to the Constitution? Did you pick up bottles and aluminum cans to fulfill your dreams?Are we to be a nation of thinkers and doers, or a gaggle of slaves or worse? We have reached the edge and President Obama is not the answer. Government is not the answer.BILLY C. CHASEJonesborough

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