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What has Roe done?

Staff Report • Nov 1, 2013 at 7:28 PM

In an email I received today from our congressman Phil Roe titled “Moving Forward,” Dr. Roe states: “As I’ve said before, East Tennesseans didn’t give me the job of shutting down the government. ... We must find a better way to work together to tackle the issues facing our country and I know we can do so without shutting down the government.”I am a little confused by Roe’s statement. Did he not vote to shut down the government, and in the final vote didn’t he vote to keep the government shut down, which if he had been in the majority, would have caused us to default on our debts? Was he not advised by his leaders in the House that this was an ill-advised strategy that was doomed to fail? Does he not realize what damage would have been done to our credit rating and the value of the dollar if we had gone into default? As it was, this gambit of his has cost our country billions of dollars and caused pain and suffering to many people.In the future, instead of telling us what he is against, I would be interested to hear what Roe has done during his time as our representative to benefit us — his constituents in the 1st District. Making things more difficult for me and my neighbors by sending our country into default is not the kind of representation we need in Congress.JIM BENELISHAJohnson City

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