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United States Constitution grants freedom of religion

Staff Report • Oct 30, 2013 at 5:03 PM

I felt your front-page story about Sinking Creek Baptist Church was very unnecessary. Any other time the story would have been in the religion section. There was no need for you to cut down Sinking Creek church on the front page.Besides that, you only had nonbelievers’ comments. They talked about how it frightened the kids and forced them into Christianity. If they are not believers then they shouldn’t be scared. They can go to a horror movie and tell their kids that it is not real, but with this they can’t. They know God is real and how scary hell is.As Christians we have the responsibility of informing people and witnessing to people about hell. Also, the First Amendment of the Constitution permits us the freedom of religion, so we aren’t forcing you to go (to the Judgement House). If you aren’t going to have an open mind when you go in then you should not have the right to talk about it badly.And the next time this paper does an article on something religious it should quote both believers and nonbelievers.ANNA PEEL8th GradeUnicoi County Middle School

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