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Move frats to campus

Staff Report • Oct 23, 2013 at 8:38 AM

In the article, “Frat-free neighborhood,” from Sept. 15, it surprisingly states that, “A registered event has not been held at a fraternity house in several years ...” It also said registered events must have a guest list, bonded security agents, a process in place to make sure no one under 21 consumes alcohol and university personnel available to oversee the event. This statement underscores dramatically the reason the fraternities need to be on campus, because residents in the Tree Streets can most definitely attest to continual weekly parties with alcohol (East Tennessee State University President Brian Noland even speaks of picking up beer cans on his runs) that are unregistered and therefore unbeknownst to the university. That means, of course, residents and the city are dealing with the impact of the partying in the neighborhood (and there are many effects to deal with) rather than the university. The fraternities most definitely need to be on campus where the university can monitor them, knows when parties are occurring, knows when negative/illegal behaviors need to be stopped, knows when discipline needs to occur and can foster a positive, safe environment for these college students. We as a neighborhood and a city are not able to do this alone, although it has been our responsibility (not ETSU’s) for more than 50 years.LISA ORRJohnson City

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