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Liberals destroy freedom

Staff Report • Oct 23, 2013 at 8:41 AM

Conservatives only want to govern. Liberals explicitly want to rule. Conservatives want to be left alone, raise their families, do their jobs and leave others to do likewise. Liberals want to control minutely the lives of everyone else.Now, after 100-plus years of failed, destructive social programs, liberals passed, adroitly using evasive secrecy and massive deceptions, their “Affordable” Care Act — possibly the final nail in freedom’s coffin.Governmental control of health care will forge, as planned, shackles stronger and more suppressive than the worst of any slave era. Simply to live, people readily will dangle from Washington’s strings — humanity’s once most vibrant and powerful society reduced to mindless puppetry.And our health care? Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid set the standard when he reacted to children’s cancer research funding with, “Why would we do that?” Maintaining a bogus federal shutdown was more important than thousands of children’s lives. Think your life might be considered equally valuable?Also, when freedom is buried, the liberal media will be “honorary” pallbearers. Their desertion from true journalistic responsibility — from providing the American public with full, honest and unbiased information — insures freedom’s demise. This wonderfully successful experiment called America was based upon governance by an educated and informed public establishing and occasionally adjusting a minimally powerful governing body to maintain order and defense. Liberal substitution of propaganda inspired opinion for facts is working its planned destruction.But perhaps the experiment worked too magnificently. For its success led to power, and to the corrupting influence of power. Liberalism offered those mad for such power the vehicle they sought. Through this societal cancer they control, and pervert, the national media and education systems, and too many of our churches and courts.Will Americans wake up soon enough wondering, “Where are we going? And why are we in this liberal handbasket?”DON GRAHAMJonesborough

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