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Spare the rod, spoil the student? 19 states still allow paddling at school; Tennessee is among them

Kevin Hardy, Chattanooga Times Free Press • Oct 21, 2013 at 8:37 AM

It’s your classic good cop, bad cop routine. When a child is paddled for breaking the rules at Orchard Knob Middle School, one administrator takes charge and delivers the licks. Another stands by ready to scoop up the child and build him back up. They say how they are disappointed, how they paddle because they care and how they want to see the child get back on the right track.

The routine is prescribed, almost militaristic. The child bends forward, placing his hands on a table, his rear stuck out. Parents are notified, and there are always several witnesses. And no child goes back to class until he’s had a trip to the restroom and the tears are wiped away.

It might be easy to assume that paddling in school went away years ago, even decades. Polls and anecdotal evidence show that fewer parents approve of corporal punishment today. And the anti-spanking movement has such power that some parents have been arrested for spanking their own children.

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