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The shutdown and Affordable Care Act in Wednesday's Forum

Staff Report • Oct 18, 2013 at 9:15 AM

‘Lefty’ liesThere is panic in America and it is the horrific power of the ever-increasing central government. The Affordable Care Act will lower health care premiums by $2,500 per family is an Obama lie. You can keep your insurance is an Obama lie. You can keep your doctor is an Obama lie. The AFC is revenue neutral is an Obama lie.People are tired of Obama lying to us about health insurance. Ted Cruz led a Senate filibuster to point out the horrors of Obamacare and the dangers of ever increasing central government power, the opinion of about 75 percent of Americans. Standing up for the people is considered “crazy” by the lefty media, but the Republican efforts are working. Suffocating government deficits, the budget increases every year and every year we are supposedly out of money, 40 million “not looking for work” and not included in the high unemployment rate, companies moving people to part time in order to keep them employed because they can’t afford the Affordable Care Act, EPA destroying jobs across the country via energy regulations, Obama stopping the drilling, exploration, production, pipelines, refining of energy in North America, the highest poverty rate in history, and now lazy central government unions are going to take over and destroy the best health care system in the world?Yes the people are in panic mode and want this horrible government stopped. Obama’s strategy of never compromising and purposely hurting American citizens (specifically not paying death benefits for our soldiers, closing children’s cancer centers, closing the National Mall to World War II veterans but opening it to illegal aliens, closing the national parks) is backfiring big time and the lefty media’s efforts to protect him are failing. The longer the attention of the American public is focused on the Republicans standing for the truth and trying to stop the government ruining our health care system, the more it benefits the Republican Party, and that is why the left wants the shutdown to end.JAMES A. LAGERGRENJohnson CityTea party strangulationOnce again the two parties controlling our government are playing the game of chicken. Neither side wishes to blink first. People ask me: “What is going on?”My answer is this: “The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has been passed into law and thus is being enacted.” Tea party Republicans are trying to use a tactic that can best be described by a quote from Sir Winston Churchill, in defiance of Bolshevism: “I think the day will come when it will be recognized without doubt, not only on one side of the House, but throughout the civilized world, that the strangling of Bolshevism at its birth would have been an untold blessing to the human race.”That is what the tea party Republicans are trying to do, strangle the ACA at birth. By defunding ACA at it’s inception they are trying to kill it. Even though it is already law. They wish to tie all government funding to any bill that would destroy the ACA. By passing funding laws piecemeal, they are trying to make it appear as though they are actively seeking a solution, when they are not. If the people will notice, the tea party Republicans in the House of Representatives are only passing bills that fund programs, or services, that are popular with their party supporters. It is like feeding a child cookies instead of the nutritious meal first. It could also be considered a form of veto power. Pass only laws that tea party Republicans want, or they will strangle the whole country. Yes folks, the economic well being of our country is being held hostage by a minority few. RICHARD E. CARVERJohnson CityEnough alreadyThe so-called shutdown with 17 percent on a paid vacation and directed to inflict as much pain for the public as possible so as to make us think they are so very needed. Last weekend, we traveled the Blue Ridge Parkway to Cherokee, N.C., and returned on the route over Clingmans Dome to the attractions in Pigeon Forge. About half of the off-road parking sites were blocked off stopping people from getting off the road for a break. These areas require no maintenance.This mean act just to cause problems for the public in the peak of the parkway visitation. They created a hazard as cars were just pulled off the road onto grass and some sticking out in the traffic. Wake up America, it’s time to take the pitchfork to Washington and clean out the hen house. Aren’t any of you getting as mad as I am? RICHARD TAYLORJohnson CityACA is lawI have to respond to Rebecca Henderson’s letter Oct. 11 about Congressman Phil Roe. Roe stated that he has a shorter, better health plan, but nobody has seen it yet. And, the reason the Affordable Care Act is such a long legislation is because every line has to be worded just right. If not, a crafty lawyer can nitpick and turn around the real meaning of what it is meant to be.When President Obama’s health care plan was being negotiated to be put in place, I sent Roe four emails stating why he should work with our president to work out an affordable workable plan. These were four different cases where the person either had no insurance due to cost of a plan, or after paying into their insurance company for years, was then denied the treatment they needed. Each time I sent him an email, I got a form letter back thanking me for my input and he will take my comments into consideration. Then, lo and behold, after the president’s health plan passed into law, Roe sent me another email. This mail stated that he thanked me for supporting him, and he will work hard to get Obamacare done away with. Now, do you think he reads his email? I would not trust this man, Roe, as far as I could pick him up and throw him.There is none so blind as those that will not see. Obama’s health care plan is a law now. Whether you agree with Obamacare or not, it should not be used as an instrument that has shut down our government.HALLIE MOOREJohnson CityFootball at BMSWhen I heard the news about Virginia Tech University and the University of Tennessee playing Bristol Motor Speedway in 2016, that tickled me to death. That game alone is going to satisfy college football fans in our region, but it also will provide a positive impact to our area economically.I always wondered why BMS has not hosted more events in the Speedway separate from racing. I might be getting ahead of myself for suggesting this, but how awesome would it be if they hosted a football double header? I imagine the UT/VT game will be a night game, so how about earlier in the day have East Tennessee State University play Appalachian State?Obviously 160,000 people will not attend that match up, but realistically I could see 90,000-plus attend that game just out of curiosity. Tell me that would not help boost the ETSU program. Throw in a Kenny Chesney concert between the games and now you are drawing the non-sports fans.Maybe even take it a step further and have the Dobyns-Bennett vs. Science Hill game there the night before. Again, the place would not sell out to see the Indians and Toppers play, but I think curiosity would bring a record crowd for a high school game in this area. There are endless possibilities for that weekend in 2016 and I hope the decision makers in our area take advantage. CHRIS BATTELGray

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