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Health reform, WJHL and DISH and more in Friday's Forum

Staff Report • Oct 15, 2013 at 9:51 AM

Responding to his email to me supporting the current U.S. government shutdown, I told Congressman Phil Roe the shutdown of Washington by a small, potent, gaggle of radical anti-government conservatives is infuriating and appalling. He and the other so-called “tea party” members of Congress are able to hold both our good sense and our country hostage. And there is a good chance this conservative highjacking of our democracy will get worse in the years ahead — unless we figure out how to fight back and do it with all hands on deck.They embrace climate denial, rabid gun rights, zero regulations and carte blanche for banks and corporations. They hate modern women, reject science and want to impose rigid religious rules on our lives. They are an American version of the Taliban. They and their big-money backers possess anti-government venom unprecedented in our lifetime. It is truly poisonous. We sincerely have our work cut out for us because it won’t be easy.Roe and this rabid minority of the GOP have gotten veto power over our lives. They’ve done it with huge pots of money and large doses of fear. Super-rich conservatives, like the Kochs and Sheldon Adelson and dozens more, hate democracy. They want a plutocracy where corporations and the richest rule, where government is crushed and those who are left behind simply suffer.Because they have no scruples and hundreds of millions of dollars, the radical right has freaked out the entire Republican Party into paralysis and submission. If you don’t toe the line of destructive conservatism, the Kochs and their pals will massively fund a primary against any Republican who steps out of line. And as they have shown, it works. They took control of many formerly blue states and have passed shockingly backward laws, while drawing election lines so they are guaranteed enough seats to create havoc. Massive money makes lies stick and scares people. This has to stop. C.E. SHERROD Johnson CityHealth reformThe mystery about Obama’s health care law is how can anyone say they are for or against the plan when no one really understands what it’s all about. Two things I know is the plan will get your insurance canceled and make premiums go up a lot. Health insurance needed some changes. Half a dozen normal people — using two sheets of paper — could have done a better job on health care (reform). When politicians and unions say they want no part of the plan, it makes me think the taxpayers are getting their legs pulled. The nice politicians that voted for the plan do not want this type of insurance. Politicians, unions and taxpayers should have the same insurance plan — no exceptions. The government cheats people by not letting them know what it’s like to be poor and hungry. Government puts welfare checks and food stamp cards in people’s hands and there they sit for the rest of their lives. Now, here comes health care.You learn a lot by being poor and hungry. If Americans would get off their fat fannies and go to work, this would take care of people crossing the border illegally. All jobs in this country would be taken.JAY C. WHEELERJonesboroughDISH and WJHLI have a solution for all the other DISH subscribers who have lost WJHL-TV coverage: Plug an antenna into the back of your TV and you will have WJHL and it’s absolutely free. Heck, I think the picture is even better than it is on DISH. I don’t really understand Media General’s General Manager Dan Cates’ argument about getting a fair price from DISH when his product is free. While you’re at it, go ahead and cancel your DISH subscription as they are a bunch of bullies. Anyone who missed the entire season of “Breaking Bad” last year because DISH dropped AMC and about five other channels because of the same “fair price” argument will attest to that.M. JENNINGSJonesborough

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