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Obama foreign policy and the rich getting richer people in Sunday's Forum

Staff Report • Sep 27, 2013 at 3:30 PM

‘The rich get richer’ It has become quite the topic of interest in my generation to speak ill of wealthy and successful American business owners and CEOs. Idioms such as “the rich get richer” are spread throughout all social media as though it were a rallying cry for Americans to protest such an occurrence. Mostly, though, it seems to be an observation of how corruption has infested the system that our founders created, but there is fallacy in this logic. Should those issuing the rallying cry have interest in cracking open a history book from time to time, they would notice that this is not, at all, a recent development. I would like to point out census information that can be found in books such as “Give Me Liberty!” by Eric Foner as demonstrating that the year 1770 had very much the same sort wealth distribution as we do today. For example, Foner writes how, in South Carolina, 10 percent of the land owners controlled 50 percent of all the wealth while the poorest 25 percent had among themselves only 2 percent of this wealth. One must also understand that in contrast to England, this was a large improvement. England saw 2 percent of the population having 70 percent of the wealth at the same time period. The founders and those that came before them saw America as a great land of opportunity, but I can find no sources stating that it would be a land of equal distribution. Just as it was in 1770, America is still a land where a person might rise from nothing to achieve great things. Few places on this globe can boast such a fact. JEREMY JOHNSON Afton Foreign policy blunder Isn’t it odd that those nations who used to hate us now despise us and those nations who used to fear us now jeer us. But the fact still remains they don’t despise or jeer us when it comes time for them to receive the billions of dollars we borrow and persuade them to accept. Let’s take a look at the record since World War II. Following the cessation of the war for now 68 years, our occupation force in Japan is 40,000 and in Germany it is 75,000. No doubt their mission has been to ensure neither country would start another war. Likewise, in South Korea, for 61 years we have had 40,000 troops to be sure North Korea stays above the 39th Parallel. Worldwide we have 1,428,868 troops on foreign soil. That’s a 4.5 percent of our total population. Is it possible that Ron Paul is on the right track by stopping foreign aid and bringing home our troops to guard our own borders? President Obama needs to spend more time in the Oval Office and less time on the golf course and campaigning. His foreign policy is a gigantic blunder like his “more flexible” statement to Russia. It’s time for him to quell his ego and begin to think of his bequeathal to our grandchildren. ALBERT EHMKE Johnson City

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