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Rebekah raccoon, trusting Obama and more in Friday's Forum

Staff Report • Sep 16, 2013 at 9:38 AM

Concerning the question on Rebekah the raccoon on Aug. 26, I believe if Mark Brown cares for her as a responsible pet owner, she should be returned to him. Animals suffer separation anxiety as humans do. If he puts up with the invasive, intelligent and insidious ways of Rebekah the raccoon, and if he has had her examined and inoculated by a licensed veterinarian for rabies and any other maladies known to attack raccoons, why should he not be allowed to keep his pet that he bottle fed and raised from infancy? If he cares for her properly, and it appears that he has, he is a much better custodian of his pet than all the people whose animals go to the animal shelter abused, in poor health and unwanted.P.M. PICKENSJohnson CityCan’t trust ObamaI have to express my confusion over the case the White House is telling us about Syria. So it had definitive information about Bashar Assad using chemical warfare on his people. It is positive that Assad is the one who used these chemicals on his people. Oh really?This is an administration that still does not know what happened in Benghazi where, by the way, there were four Americans who were murdered. It doesn’t know anything about the snooping into private lives of American citizens who have nothing to do with national security. The National Security Agency is only snooping on suspicious people? Can you trust this president to tell us the truth? I can’t. If there are chemical weapons being used on innocent Syrians by Assad, then I feel we must attack. But only with a plan that consists of no boots on the ground. We have to have a plan B, something President Obama knows nothing about. So again, I have to tell you, I have no trust in this president. How can I back him with anything he says or does? He does things that help his political party and will blame Congress if this attack fails and will accept glory if this attack is successful. CANDY CASEYErwinPatient abuse caseI’m sorry, Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood, but you have it all wrong. Your statement: “This was evil ... evil in the hearts of good people.”No, Judge Blackwood, the CNAs who abused elderly people are not good people. PATSY STARNESPiney Flats

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