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U.S. should stay out of Syria in Friday's Forum

Staff Report • Sep 9, 2013 at 8:49 AM

The United States of America has no business getting involved in Syria.There is a theory of “Just War.” This does not even come close to meeting the criteria. As of this writing, I have heard of no end point, no exit strategy and no definition of “victory.” Even if this conflict met the criteria of Just War, we have demonstrated repeatedly that we haven’t the stomach to do what it takes to win a televised war.Both sides hate us. The rebels are possibly affiliated with al-Qaida and/or the Muslim Brotherhood. Whatever replaces Assad is likely to be no better — and potentially a whole lot worse — than he ever was. As soon as the first U.S. cruise missile hits, we will see pictures of dead and maimed children all over the news and Internet, blaming us for their suffering.We have no vested interest in this conflict. Middle Eastern people have been killing one another since the time of Abraham. Nothing the U.S. tries to do is going to stop it.We cannot afford to get involved in someone else’s civil war — especially one which we cannot win. This is no time for a befuddled president to lead America into another rat hole just to save face. GLENN MARSHALLJohnson CitySyrian conflictPresident Obama’s explanation of his administration’s Syrian policy would be laughable if this was not such a serious issue. After talking like John Wayne, the president has decided to act like Woody Allen.Most Americans are not focused on this conflict, paying more attention to the latest Hollywood scandal or the start of football season. However, the Syrian Civil War is vitally important. The nation is located at the crossroads of the world. Asia, Africa and Europe meet there, which means that anything that occurs there affects not only Syria, but many others as well. Muslim groups have been fighting in the area for some months, proving that in addition to hating Jews and Christians, they hate each other as well. Recent events have made the situation much worse. According to Secretary of State John Kerry, chemical weapons (which were sent to Syria by Saddam Hussein before the Second Gulf War), were used against innocent children by Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad. That may or may not be true, but Kerry assures us that it is. It is because of this development that he says the United States should get involved in this brutal war. This after former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lauded Assad as a “reformer,” deserving American respect and support. Clinton was lauded by the administration and the national media for leaving the world a much more peaceful place upon her resignation. Oops.Syria is indeed much different than Iraq or Afghanistan. While no love was lost between those nations and Russia, the Syrians are a close ally. If Obama bungles his way into this war, the Russians will become directly involved, also. Things will quickly escalate even further out of control. Let’s hope for our service people’s sake that the president doesn’t make another terrible mistake.CHARLES TRIFILETTIJohnson City

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