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GOP and Health care in Sunday's Forum

Staff Report • Sep 6, 2013 at 8:21 AM

I read with interest my neighbor Larry French’s last column about responses to his earlier writing. After one of my letters to Forum, I received a letter criticizing me for my support of our president. Let me say that I think Larry French is a nice person, a gentleman and deserving of respect. We differ on politics, but that is our right.Larry did throw a few at Obama when he belittled his administration, called him inept, and referred to his media (I didn’t know he had one) as a sheep brigade. Was that showing respect? I believe Larry has been listening too much to the right-wing propaganda machine that masquerades as Fox News. Some of the things he wrote sounded like they came from the radical right. I feel that our president has done a great job in bringing us out of the depression the Republicans with their supply-side policies got us in. He has done this with the Republicans doing everything they can to slow the economy and keep Obama from looking good.Here is a question. Who will benefit the most if Obamacare is repealed? The answer is, the insurance companies. When it comes to health care, the Republicans do not represent the people, they represent the insurance companies. If it’s for middle-income working- class people, they oppose it. If it’s for the rich and powerful, they support it. Republicans are against Social Security, Medicare, minimum wage, employment security, health programs, food programs, educational programs, reproductive rights and anything else that benefits working-class people. Years ago they called it their “feed- the-rich-starve-the-poor” program. It hasn’t changed.I have always wondered why the middle- income working-class people of our area could even think of voting Republican. Do they just vote on wedge issues without giving a thought to their economic welfare?CHARLES A. DEMPSEY Butler Health care coverageObamacare, or as I have named it, Obamneycare, is the law of the land as approved by the U.S. Supreme Court. It is working well, especially in Massachusetts, where 98 percent of that state’s citizens have health insurance. It may be slightly flawed, but that can be worked out in the future. I am distrustful of “market-based” answers to problems. They just hurt the less able among us and fatten the pockets of the filthy rich, in this case those who control and own the insurance companies, which will actually profit under Obamneycare. It is best characterized by the man who interrupted President Obama’s speech saying: “My daughter now has insurance,” implying she would not have it but for Obamneycare. Ask the customers of Medicare and Medicaid who have and will see increased benefits. For me, I feel the natural replacement for Obamneycare is Medicare for All from birth to death, as it was originally intended. Those who oppose it must be afraid that it is going to work and it will make them look bad.BERT STEPHENSErwin

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