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Fracking, guns, road repair and more in Wednesday's Forum

Staff Report • Aug 7, 2013 at 8:49 AM

I think, under present conditions, the advantages of an abundance of natural gas produced in the United States outweighs the disadvantages of fracking. But the polluting nature of oil — its pumping, transport and burning, plus those of fracking, do not justify its production locally. Desert sand can absorb a lot of oil without soaking into groundwater there.Everyone needs to know two things about fracking. One is natural gas is much deeper than well water and has been proven not to pollute up. The second is water used in fracking contains harmful chemicals that soak downward to the water supply. SAM TOMLINTelford Road repairsI would like to know when we are going to get King Springs Road fixed? It has been closed since January and it has been a nuisance. We have all kinds of potholes on King Springs Road, as well as Stoneybrook Drive and Rocky Lane.We have grass growing through the pavement. Pretty soon we can mow it. This is hard for school buses and city transit buses. Don’t you think that six months is long enough to get a road fixed? GLENDA BROYLESJohnson CityGuns and policeI have the greatest sympathy for the family of Trayvon Martin. I have the greatest sympathy for George Zimmerman and his family. The common thread to this disaster and many other current disasters in this country is a three-letter word — gun. If Zimmerman had not had his intestinal fortitude — a gun — strapped to his belt, he would have confronted no one and would have informed the police of his concerns. And, in the absence of wrongdoing, the police would have arrived and peacefully resolved the situation. We pay dearly for a trained police force. Why not let them do their job?RALPH JOHNSTONPiney FlatsFinancial chaosThe best way to find out what is happening in Washington, D.C., is to watch for what people who have departed from the government say.Former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said, after he left office, that the coming financial chaos is likely to require military control of the population. He believes there is a coming financial meltdown and that’s how bad that it will be.An earlier former Treasury Secretary, William Simon wrote, “One of the things I learned during my tenure in Washington is that the civics book picture of government in operation is completely inaccurate. The idea that our elected officials take part in a careful decision-making process — monitoring events, reviewing options, responsibility selecting policies — has almost no connection with reality. A more accurate image would be that of a runaway train with the throttle stuck wide open — while the passengers and crew are living it up in the dining car.”ROGER M. CLITESJohnson City

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